Water soluble fertilizers for fertigation

All of the macro, secondary and micro elements are water soluble.

All of the trace elements, except bor and molibden are chelating with EDTA.

The fully water-soluble nutrient salts are suitable for all water qualities and are used for fruit and vegetable crops as well as in tree nurseries, ornamental plants: Hakaphos®, Basaplant ® ve Hakaphos Calcidic®



Hakaphos® 20-19-19
20-19-19 + ME

Hakaphos® Base
7-12-40 + (2MgO) + ME

Hakaphos® Calcidic + K
14-5-24 (+10CaO) + ME

Hakaphos® Calcidic + N

Hakaphos® Calcidic +NPK
15-6-15(+15CaO)+ ME

Hakaphos® Calcidic Complete

Hakaphos® Rojo
18-18-18 + ME

Hakaphos® Violetta
13-40-13 + ME