Hakaphos® Calcidic + K

14-5-24 (+10CaO) + ME

Hakaphos® Calcidic + K 14-5-24 (+10CaO) + ME

Hakaphos® Calcidic Plus K 14-5-24 is a water-soluble NPK compound fertilizer with calcium and micronutrients. High K content. Low pH and therefore better availability of phosphate and trace elements.
Free of sodium, low in chloride (Cl < 1%). It is recommended to use it especially at the stage of swelling and ripening of the fruits. For application in dissolved form via fertigation.
This fertilizer contains all stated plant nutrients for a customized fertilization of agricultural and horticultural crops. Its excellent solubility prevents clogging of drip emitters or nozzles. As, however, certain types of water may lead to precipitation even without the addition of fertilizer, special care is required where such waters are used.


NPK fertilizer N-P2O5-K2O(+CaO) 14-5-24(+10) with boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.
For use in horticulture.
Poor in chloride.

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  • 25 KG