The company was established in 1979 and named as ILPA. We started business activity in the fields of seeds, tree-nursery, pesticides. In 1983, as a company producing and marketing the highest quantity of saplings in Turkey, we exported apple and pear saplings to foreign countries such as Libya and Syria.

After 1984, ILPA was reorganized as İLPAŞ under the status of a joint stock company and became Marmara and Thrace distributor of pesticides in cities and rural areas. Between 1984 and 1991, İLPAŞ was the distributor of Rhone Ploulenc which is a French company. İLPAŞ has also been the distributor of seeds of some domestic corporations.

Agricultural products

ILPAŞ had been the distributor of agricultural products of Cynamid (USA) for many years. Then, BASF The Chemical Company (Germany) has included Cynamid in its corporation and we have become the distributor of BASF Turk company which has been importing and selling the products of BASF at the beginning in 30 provinces and now in the half of Turkey.


Additionally, ILPAŞ imports environment friendly pesticides of BASF Aktiengesellshaft, like Fendona-Abate-Storm-Siege Gel.

Plant nutrition

In 1993, we have entered the macro and micro elements world, cooperating with Phosyn company (English) to deal with the lack of plant nutrition in Turkey. We aimed to increase the production and quality. So, we have nearly prepared a map of Turkey demonstrating the plant nutrition substances in the soil. Thousands of soil samples were collected and sent to England. All trace elements were analyzed and the structure of agricultural areas in our country were demonstrated with respect to nutritional substances. In 2000, this research was presented in the seminars organized by the Agricultural Ministry in the Agricultural Directorates in the provinces. The results of the research was given to the Agricultural Directorates in a file.

Selling seeds

In 2001, with a new vision İLPAŞ has got the certificate of raising and selling seeds and started selling seeds in Turkey. We have supplied 20 types of seeds to the market. The seeds are sold in Turkey under the trademark of PEPSEED and they have high performance as domestic products.

International cooperations

We have started to work as the Marmara-Thrace-Black Sea Regions importer and exclusive distributor of micronutrients and fertilizers of COMPO GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) company which is a leading company in the world in plant nutrition and research and development of it has been carried on by BASF (Germany). In addition to this we have also been the Marmara, Thrace and East Anatolia (Eskişehir, Polatlı, Beyazarı) Regions importer and exclusive distributor of a chemical fertilizer named NovaTec which is produced by a new technology in the world and usage of which was approved by the European Union Suitability Laws in Turkiye.

We know the needs and problems in export of fresh fruit and vegetables in Turkey and we study in this subject. We have started the initiative to establish an integrated facility.

In summary...

  • İLPAŞ is a joint stock company which has 300 billions TL (more than 200.000 USD) capital.
  • Our technical and administrative staff has expertise in our business area.
  • İLPAŞ has partnerships with domestic companies. We also have important cooperations with international companies.
  • We try to have place in the globalising world with our 40 years experience.
  • By applying modern agricultural techniques in our farms, we have been a good example to the surrounding farmers.
  • Additionally, as a national company, İLPAŞ tries to extend its international relationships and have new cooperations with the companies in the world for
    • Agricultural products,
    • Plant nutrition,
    • Raising seeds.
  • We are ready to work with expert companies on production, export, and import in Turkey.